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Personal Trainers and coaches have discovered the secret weapon for Sport Specific Training. Whether your goal is overall conditioning for strength or endurance or rehabilitative exercise, Marpo Rope Trainers are unparalleled in delivering the most optimal functional training experience with minimal risk of injury.
Developed by a team of elite athletes and kinesiologists, Marpo Rope Trainers are an ideal choice for safe and effective performance enhancement for athletes everywhere.
Ask about Marpo training support including customized sports specific exercise programs to increase speed and strength. Download the Exercise Guides for the VMX, V250, VLT, and Vector Rope Trainers and see how a Marpo Rope Training can help you meet your fitness goals more effectively and safely than ever before.
What others are saying:
Matt Hughes 9-Time UFC Welterweight Champion

"No matter what you are training for, you need the right tools. the V250 Rope Trainer delivers unrivaled upper-body workout that is fast and effective. It helps me in my training, and it will help you in yours."

Personal Trainer Cornerstone Health & Fitness

"We use Marpo Rope Trainers a LOT. They are incorporated into a circuit class for strength and agility training. They are great pieces that everybody loves."

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